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Here’s my latest project.  I did this site using WordPress for The Country Steakout in Fort Morgan.  I took the photos and imported the content from the restaurant’s old website.  Check it out:

Photo of the Country Steak Out Website



The Body Firm

My latest project is now completed.  This site was built for Paula Hough, owner of the Body Firm Gym in Fort Morgan, CO.  This site was based completely on WordPress.  I took photographs at The Body Firm that I used for the background, menu header, and the footer.  Images of the gym featured on some of the pages were processed in HDR.  There will be some added content to the front page linking to the Silver Sneakers program, and Ink’d Out MMA fighting.  Also, a link to a pending new facebook page will be featured as well.

Christ Congregational Church Fort Morgan

Golly, it’s been a while since I updated this here blog.  So, I will post my latest completed project for Christ Congregational Church Fort Morgan.  This site is based completely on WordPress.

HDR Photography

I have learned that many designers and creative professionals are much like me and are always looking for creative outlets.  My latest venture has been HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography.  I know that there are some photography purists who scoff at altering images with HDR. I find, however, that it can take a very boring and average photo and make it look absolutely spectacular.  My first attempt at HDR occurred from a shot from the front porch.  The following photos, I hope, will help illustrate the difference.  Be sure to click the image (twice when the first click takes you to a page with the same size) to see the full size.  There are different styles of HDR from more natural-looking to more “cartoony”.  I myself like the natural that is pushing the edge of “cartoony” but I probably will experiment with them all.

I am excited to apply this new skill to images that I will be taking when we take a family trip to Yellowstone and Teton National Parks next month.  I will be sure to share on my sporadically-updated amateur photo-sharing blog

Before HDR:












After HDR:

After HDR












This was done quickly, so I noticed the back tire on the car looks a bit strange (to me) so I would probably tweak minor issues in future projects.

Communicating With Color Dot Com

As I enter the world of amateur photography, I decided to create a blog to share images I take of the world around me.  As I am interested in design and color (graphic arts, web design, photography, art, etc.) I thought I would create a blog dedicated to sharing images of design and nature.  The title of the blog is Communicating With Color and the title was inspired by a book I purchased and often use as a reference for design.  I don’t anticipate the content of this site to be updated regularly, but it will be updated when we get out and about and I happen to take some interesting photos.  So, I would expect this blog to be a bit more active when we hit the road on vacations.

My thoughts for this blog is to possibly invite co-contributors (photographers, designers, etc.) to share their content as well in exchange for a banner/link to their own websites/blogs, flickr streams, etc.  If you fit into this category, please let me know if you are interested.   The photos displayed on are under a CC license and I have allowed for open use for content on the entire site just so you know if you have questions about copyright.

The blog itself is a WordPress 3.1 blog and I designed the template from scratch starting with a mockup in Photoshop.  I then coded the mockup into HTML in Dreamweaver and then plugged the code into a blank WordPress template.  Following this, I spent time tweaking and adjusting the CSS and code within specific WordPress template pages.   Additionally, I used some recent CSS tricks for some of  the design as well.  Consequently, if you are using Internet Explorer 6 or 7, I have included code to prompt you to update your browser in order for some of these CSS tricks to display properly.  I highly recommend this, not only for viewing my site the way it was meant to be viewed, but for a better browsing experience in general.  I myself use Firefox 4, but any of the listed browsers you have to choose from are better than IE 6 or IE7.

Please let me know your thoughts on how it looks.  :-)

Here is my latest project.  This is a very minimalistic design that makes the artistic woodwork the focus.  If you are looking for specialty woodworking, this is the place to go.  Dave Pitonyak is very talented in his skills.  Be sure to check out some of his work at the site; very interesting indeed. screenshot

Grace Without Measure

My latest project is pretty much complete.  I built this site for Evan Beecham and his ministry Grace Without Measure.  This site was redesigned and the content was moved from the old site.

Grace Without Measure screen shot

Dig This

Yeah baby!

When my wife bought me a 22 inch monitor for Christmas, I could not help but to think how cool it would be to have another one next to it.  So, I jumped on a deal and picked up another 24 inch to add to my desktop real estate.

Having dual monitors has been shown to increase productivity by up to 20 to 30 percent, so the timing is just right as I have 3 probable projects lining up right now.  My laptop has an HDMI and a DVI output, so one monitor is hooked up using the DVI and the other using the HDMI.  It does not appear that it is possible to use the laptop screen as a third with this configuration.

So far, it’s great.  I can’t believe it took me this long to figure out Photoshop and Illustrator becomes quite cramped on a 15 inch laptop monitor screen.  Now, I can have both open at the same time with plenty of room!

Dual Monitors

Project Spotted in the Wild

If you all remember, I completed a design project for Progressive15 back in August of 2010.  Here is a shot of the sign in the Fort Morgan Times at full size:

Progressive15 Sign

One of the photos at the bottom belongs to talented photographer, Samantha Troudt that is featured at the progressive15 website.

Verizon Stinks at Photoshop

I always find it amusing the lack of attention to detail on some marketing flyers: